Steering Committee

The PRObE steering and selection committees are initially merged, because the initial workload is not yet overwhelming and we seek to engage these advisors more fully in evolving the facility's operation.

Between mid April and mid June of 2011 we sought nominations and then votes for the membership of this merged committee. Committee membership has been chartered to be drawn from three communities as follows:

  • academic systems researchers (4)
  • industry systems researchers (1)
  • government systems researchers (1)

The call for nominations (posted to mailing lists and bulletin boards frequented by systems researchers) asked:
"We seek nominations for the steering and project selection committee advising PRObE leadership on policies and proposals for allocation of PRObE facilities to research projects. We seek leading systems researchers with experience and continuing interest in large scale research experiments and publishing. In addition to reviewing and advising PRObE leadership on policies and strategic decisions, this committee will allocate resources to proposed projects it deems most compelling."

We received seven academic nominations, three government nominations and one industry nomination.

Voting was available online to "All individuals that do or might serve as an NSF investigator or have a publishing track record in OS/HPC/Systems are encouraged to vote (select up to 6 names)."

We received 707 qualified votes from 165 people from 81 institutions including: UCB, CMU, MIT, GaTech, UChicago, JHU, UWash, UWisc, Harvard, UCSD, Princeton, Yale, Purdue, UMichigan, UPenn, UMass, VTech, Brown, UCSC, UCSB, UMBC, NYU, Duke, UUtah, UCLA, UNCCH, PennState, UTexas, FLInt, UMaine, UAlabama, UOregon, SUNY, OSU, HarveyMudd, URochester, UNebraska, AuburnU, Northwestern, Tenn Tech, NC State, UNotreDame, VCU, TexasTech, Portland State, UNC, U Connecticut, ANL, LANL, LBNL, SNL, LLNL, ORNL, ISI, Google, IBM, Intel, VMWare, MSR, EMC, NVidia, HPL, RedHat, Coraid, Dell, ETHZ, SFU, EPFL, Tsinghua, Imperial College London, Tokyo, UBC, UErlangen-Nuremberg, UCambridge, IITDelhi, UNantes, Internet Initiative Japan, Technion, Karlsruhe, KAIST, Postech.

The selected steering and selection committee was selected as the one industrial candidate getting the highest vote count, the one government candidate getting the highest vote count, and the four academic candidates getting the highest vote counts.